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Today things are changing, the world is different now. More young people are stepping into marriage,  which is positive, more babies are being born also positive, but there is also more crimes committed. Not only that but there is more racism going on, and nations are turning against each other.

As we are getting closer and closer towards the end of the last days ahead of us, what are YOU as a person doing? Have you already been doing your job for Christ? Or are you waiting an extra day, week, month or year to come? Or are you even a non believer? Let me tell you now our Lord Jesus Christ will come like a thief in the night- “revelations 16:15”. Which concludes that we should not wait that extra day, week, month or year before we start. He can appear at ANY given TIME. He does not owe us any explanation. Rather do we!

This is my first blog, and in my blogs to come I will be telling you about my personal experiences and also about other experiences which people face on a daily basis. What is your view?!

Christian life in my perspective

Christian life in my perceptive.


I am a twenty one year old student who loves tourism fashion and church. I am trying to make the most of my life by reading the bible and listening to music. I may not be perfect but I am trying to live a good Christian life. I started to write about this because I woke up and the Lord told me to write about it. He helped me and since I have been writing about the Christian life. I try to relate myself as much as possible and link it to the bible and other Christians their lives. Hopefully someone will read this and enjoy it and change their ways as I was an unbeliever once. I hope a unbeliever will read it and be touched by it. I try to answer most questions with my experience and the little knowledge I know of the bible, but if I am unable to your always welcome to my church Lighthouse Chapel International East ham Branch where I learn to become a Christian. Join us and let us grow a Mega Church for Christ!

When should I pray?

As sinners when we pray we believe that you should pray when you need God. Most of us pray when we are in trouble and find our way to pray and speak to the Lord the most. But are you forgetting he is the Lord and he is always available to talk and listen to you. Are you also forgetting that he is the one that made you?

I call myself a Christian, why? This is because I was raised as a Christian young girl in a Christian family. My mum took me to church and we pray once in a while. I can’t even remember the last time my mum and I prayed together, what I do remember is her praying. As for my dad was a never because he was never around and did not see me growing up to become the young lady I am now.

I use to pray only when I needed Lord, I still do at some point. I realised that that’s not how it works with our Father in Heaven. It is like calling your friend only when you need them and never call when your life is fine. If your friend called you in times of need only would you be happy to call him a friend still? I don’t think so. It’s exactly the same with the Lord. If you call him at certain times he will not be happy and this leads to not answering your prayers.

Some of us wonder why does he not answer my prayers, is he not the father in Heaven, I pray whenever I need him, Is He not the same person that said “ask and it shall be given you; seek, and you shall find – Matthew 7; 7” yes this is very true, but you should thank him for every single moment your alive. If you want food, don’t you walk to the shop get it and pay for it? If you want money don’t you work and earn the money, same way should you praise him at all times and in good times remember to thank God.

If you want him to open doors for you, you should ask and also work towards your goal. We as sinners also forget that small blessings are also from God. For example your about to do an exam you know how well you revised so it should be a piece of cake, when you pass you don’t thank the Lord but your brains and yourself for being awake the past weeks to pass this exam. But really and truly the Lord helped you whiles awake; he could have easily taken all the memory away when your exam papers were presented in front of you. Simply thank him for everything. If he is the one that made you, who said he cannot take you away.

When the Lord looks down to us and sees us sin he is hurt remember He had flooded the earth before but promised not to do so again therefore the rainbow.  The rainbow is the sign of God just to remind us that he has promised not to destroy the earth with water again. But he never said men will never die. We were made from the dust so when we die our bodies go back. “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. – Genesis 2; 7”. The message is simple; pray at all times as it may be your last prayer and if it is would you not be happy to join our Lord God in Heaven.

Who should I pray for and how?

There was a question asked recently in church and got me thinking. When our pastor asked who you pray for obviously the most common answers were yourself, family and friends. If this is the correct answer well yes and no. You should pray for those but what about your opponents, the authority and the Kings.

When I pray it is very short I am learning to pray for a longer period of time but I seem to squeeze everything in a minute or two. My youth leader once said that I should be able to pray for at least an hour and I got confused, he said all the things you done today since morning did you thank him for that? I said no; he then replied saying there you go, go and thank him firstly for another day and then I should start with everything I did during the day etc. I then realised he was right and this would increase my prayer time. Then my second problem is who to pray for. When I pray I normally say “my family and friend and also my enemies” forgetting that I should mention all names, and especially if I am holding a grudge against someone. This can also take some of my prayer time and this will help me to forgive the person and will let the Father in Heaven forgive me to.

When we pray we should pray for everyone. In Ephesians 1; 16-17 the bible says “do not cease to give thanks for you, making mention of you in my prayer, that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory may give to you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him”. This has already answered your question as to who you should pray for. How you should pray is simple. Make sure you’re in a quiet area and bow down if possible, some like music at the background and remember our Lord loves it when you feel the Holy Spirit that is when he is around and ready to touch your heart. Play some gospel sing and worship him. And before you know it you are praying and speaking to the Father in Heaven. Don’t worry about speaking tongues you will naturally do this, as for me I do not speak in tongues yet but I hope I will do so one day.

How to forgive and not hold grudges against each other.

This is an interesting topic I want to speak about and probably the hardest for a Christian. As human it is normal to get into an argument with someone and easy to hold a grudge against somebody. It is easy for unbelievers especially to try and get revenge unto the person that done them wrong and even as a Christian you may feel like doing the same at times. This is natural because you’re upset and feel like hurting your ‘enemy’ or ‘opponent’. But is this the right thing to do and will our Father in Heaven be happy with this? No he surely would not.

I am a twenty one year old young lady and I am just a baby Christian who is trying to life a Christian life. This is not easy and especially at this age there is a lot of temptation. As for holding grudges it is normal for me because I have friends and at this age it is all about competing against other age mates who does things better etc. getting into silly arguments and fights is what I was known for before. Around my 15th I thought I was untouchable because I said what I wanted to say and I argued about every silly thing. I had a social worker to help me with my anger towards other people not because I used weapons or was any dangerous girl, just because I could not shut my mouth. This did not help and this was the cause of my own family issue that build up anger in me. Coming to live in the UK was difficult because I had to make friends and meet new people in a different environment. Although it was just an Hour (flight) from my home town I was not really impressed.  I easily made friends and my mouth did not change, getting into arguments with students etc. but then I got myself a church after 3 years has helped me. Not to forget that I was holding grudges against a lot of people around me. I have now learned not to and how not to hold a grudge. I am not saying it is easy and I don’t get angry but I do remember not to hold any and pray over it when I find myself in a difficult situation with someone.

The first time I read the book of my Bishop Dag Heward-Mills called 1“Forgiveness made Easy” I knew I had to change my ways, I have read this book over 10 times now and I do not get bored of it, it even seems like I’m reading more and more every time I read the book. The chapter I like the most is chapter 4 where he talks about “Signs of Lingering Un-forgiveness” here he speaks about 6 different signs of un-forgiveness and I can easily see myself in at least two of them. I will give you all 6 and you should read about them in the bible.

Malice; a desire to harm others – “Ephesians 4; 31”

Anger;  a strong feeling of hostility and displeasure

Wrath; Extreme anger

Clamour; loud abusive language and loud demands or protests

Evil speaking or slander; to say bad things about someone, or to backbite

Bitterness; degenerated un-forgiveness (to pass into a worse state than which is considered normal or desirable) – Hebrews 12;15

When I read about all this I felt like he knew me already and I started to think about it carefully, I mean would you not change your ways if you knew this only can lead you to Hell? At least if prayers are difficult make sure you mention the person your holding grudges against in your prayers. This can be done in different ways, one way (easiest) to do is to say the “our father…” prayer when you get to “forgive me for my trespasses as I forgive  … (name of the person) … This helps and the Lord will know that you’re not holding any grudges against the person so he can forgive you.

1forgiveness made easy more information


Demons and how to deal with them

Demons are evil spirits in a human; they got a place inside you. Demons are in humans to destroy it is not of God but of Satan who comes in your life to do three things that is to steal, kill and destroy.

In Mark 5, there is a story about a man who had a unclean spirit. He use to cry every day in the mountains and cutting himself with stones until he saw Jesus from afar and worshipped him. He started to cry and said to Jesus, ‘what have I to do with you, Jesus you son of the most high God?’ I adjure you by God that you torment me not. Then Jesus said ‘Come out of the man, you unclean spirit.’ – Mark 5.2-8. This shows that the man had a demon in him, if you read down from verse 9 it talks about Jesus asking the man his name then the unclean spirit replies ‘My name is Legion for we are many.’ Here he confirms that there are evil spirits in him and that the man wanted it out of him and was begging Jesus for his help.

There are different ways to identify demons some of them are:



Disgrace you


Influences your taught and imagination


When the pastor identified these factors about demons I recognised a few of them myself. Not saying straight I got demons in me, but It made me think and realise that these causes may be the reason of how I behave at times.  Demons influence people to do things; it reminds me of something that happened when I was younger. When my friends brother got influenced by a demon which was telling him to go on the balcony and jump from the building down. Luckily his mother woke up this was early in the morning, and stopped him. When he got back from the hospital he then explained how something was telling him what to do.  Here you can easily tell that a demon was in body and influencing him on what to do it also controls the human body as he was doing as the demon said so he had no control and was also ready to disgrace him and his family.

When a demon is in you, you may not know this as it can have control over you, but someone around you may identify it. If you can identify it you should be able to know how to deal with it to. If you’re in the presents of the Lord the devil gets weak, he find it hard to enter your body as you are in the presence of the lord, the songs you sing or play also weakens him because he cannot deal with it. So you playing un-Godly music make it much easier for him to enter you. –Ephesians 5; 19 and 1 Samuel 16; 23 Looking at teenagers in the country listening to rap music, because they always rapping about girls (in a bad way), drugs and sex and crime. People find it normal to do so to. If a rapper talks about making quick money and shooting his enemy, people will get influenced and end up doing the same because this rapper has done it and is making money so you think the same, do not forget these people are not from God and they will all be judged by the Lord and best believe it is not well for them. Yes they are rich and living a so called ‘Good life’ but it is not in Gods way. When they are disrespecting ladies guys find it normal to talk to ladies like the rappers do, but do not forget you came out of your mother’s womb and will not tolerate any person disrespecting your mother, so respect your women as you would like people to respect your mother –Ephesians 6;1-3.

Humility, pride and disloyalty

1 Peter 5; 5-6 talks about young people respecting their elders, God blesses humble people. These days’ young people have no respect for elders. I as a young lady can relate to this as I have disrespected older people before. I use to think no one can tell me what to do and how to talk to them, I believed that everyone should respect people regardless of the age. If I did not like what an elder person said to me or the tone used, I would disrespect them. Now that I am older I have realised that this is not the right thing to do and that it will not bring any blessings upon me. “Therefore humble yourself under the mighty hand of God that he may exalt you in due time”. -1 Peter 5; 6.

Pride is our visible enemy, and from my experience it is probably one of the most difficult things to deal with, reasons being that many people are very proud. Let’s look at the causes of pride

Perfection Riches

Beauty Knowledge

Wisdom Visions and dreams


Ezekiel 28; 14-15, 1 Corinthians 8; 1, 2 Corinthians 12; 7

We should learn how to listen and humble ourselves, because PRIDE is a disease and can get you killed because of your own selfishness.  Same goes to people that think they know too much.

Written in 2012, now 3 and a half years later I read this back and I think wow was that me?