first post of 2016

Happy New year to everyone. today is day 24 of 366days, well I have had such an amazing 21 days in Ghana. I travelled to Ghana on the 31st dec-. I must say I had such a great holiday, wedding, birthday everything. I experienced Gods presence. He did such amazing things for me in that 21 days.

2nd of January was the wedding of my dear friend Marianne and her husband PaaKwesi. She has now become a Mrs, and I pray that she and her beautiful family will have such a wonderful marriage and may they grow old and grey!

then on to the 3rd of January, when I went to church. Tabernacle of Hope! such a powerful church! you see, people will follow crowd. follow big churches, I come from a massive one myself, but that should not be the reason why you get up and go to church. I will not say too much, but what I will say is;

We have to change. Look, the Lord is coming back sooner then we think! and when the time comes, we will NOT have the chance, nor the time to be asking for forgiveness, or try to make it right. so let us make changes now. what I saw and experienced in that 3 weeks, have opened my eyes, my mind, my ears my everything. I see things differently, and I am thinking different.

better things are yet to come from me! and I want you to watch out for the great works of the Lord !