cellblock to home

Hello beautiful readers I hope you are all blessed today. We have entered month number 7 ALREADY!

And it has been a month since my traditional engagement 💃. Anyway, today is a day which I would not easily forget as it was exactly 2 years ago that the officer came into my cell and told me to pack my bags as I was being released. I can remember my facial expression, thinking it was a joke! I made my last two calls and I was good to go (after I said my goodbyes to the other ladies of course)

Friday 4th Juli 2014.

I clearly remember that day when I woke up, I was just moved to a double cell with a Dominican lady who was old enough to be my mum. She was very nice, polite and clean. We were probably together for like a week or so. So that morning I got ready for my normal routine, (times etc. I forgot) but I had my shower, breakfast and I was off to work ( at the gym, I used to clean the gym in the morning and afternoons, after that I was allowed to take part with activities if I wanted to).

So that day I went to work and I remember this woman who was the only woman working at the gym she asked me to do something specific, but it was something I had never done so far so I asked for a helping hand and it got out of hand.

We argued and I then refused to continue work. So she ended up firing me and sending me back to the cell (literally locked behind doors) I was so angry that day. So my mentor came to me later and said “Edith, I heard what had happened at work, it is not like you, why are you so upset? I would like to unlock you but I don’t think it is a good idea so just stay in. And in the afternoon we talk. And please do not get yourself into trouble.”

So I calmed down and just watched TV and sat there. About 3/4 hours later the door opened and the lady whom I had never seen before (because we know all our main officers) asked if I was miss Wiredu I said yes then she told me to pack my stuff because I was going home.

I laughed and said, no I am not, my release date is not now. She said yes you are so pack you got an hour and a half. At the reception you will get your remaining stuff.

Mate! I ran to this lady I had become friends with called Shai and I told her. She was like why are you crying HURRY AND GO HOME! Then I packed in like 20min lol and called up family and my friend Nadia whom I cried out to. And yes my mentor came out smiling knowing for the past 48 hours I was getting released and had finished my paperwork so he gave me a hug and wished me luck. Then I got ready and out I was to the hostel in the Hague (Den Haag).

From then I knew I had to adapt to the world again. I was inside for 22 months and got an early release of 8 months  and I had no idea my life would turn like this.

Today I am a happy wife with baby number 2 on its way (gender will be kept secret, so please do not bother asking me. I don’t know the answer! ) I work full time, Mon-sat! so no I do not just sit at home doing nada. I work two jobs, which leaves me with little time to chill!  Sunday is my Church and family day. I love everything about life.

I have noticed that no matter what, human beings would not be happy for you. So All I do is give thanks each and every day and pray that my family is safe under His wings; – In life you cannot please everyone. So just give thanks, apologize when you have to, or need to. forget what happened -that is why you apologized- and open a new chapter! or else you will just be stuck in the past and wonder why everyone around you is moving on. No one is moving to fast you know? Everyone gets a piece of blessing, whenever they let go of something. So stop holding on to yours.

#shailourens I hope you read this my only female weezy. I miss you and I promise to catch up with you kisses nd hugs.

Do not give up on life.. You DO NOT KNOW THE FUTURE.

ps: stay tuned for a wonderful blog from my soulsister DeeKruwa aka Kinkycurls and I!

Love you’s ❤❗