Understanding Gods word

Happy August everyone. welcome to month 8 out of 12, 2016.

I hope you are all enjoying your summer, either holidays, work or just doing nothing! well, my summer has been work, work and once more work! I must say I wish I was at a sunny destination, with a bikini on and some nice cocktails in my hand HAHA. but No I am pregnant and working!

Todays blog will be about ; Understanding Gods words when He speaks!

I will base this on personal, and other peoples experiences. When we sit down and decide to pray what is the first thing that pops in your head? Or when you want to plan something and in your mind your not too sure of how to start the plan what is the first thing that pops in your head? It can be various things.

There are many people who do believe in Gods words to an extend. Well the majority of the ‘Believers’ actually. Why am I saying this? Because we like to post about How great He is, and that we are Thankful of seeing another day, We love to worship him, but do we mean it? Or are we saying it because it benefits us at the moment. *guilty*

I start of with myself. I am guilty of these things at times. Because one, I sometimes feel like I am too busy to even Honour God. Why? because at the moment of time It is going well. But when things are not going the way it should be, then I remember that I have that little 5minutes for Him. Is that even right? You don’t even like it when your own friends treat you like that. better yet you end up not calling them YOUR FRIENDS if they only message or call you when they need something from you. so why do you feel the need to let Him above call you HIS CHILD? you certainly do not act like one.

You see, we are guilty of the fact that we do NOT always understand when God speaks to us. And we start to wonder why things are not going the way it should be. Or we start to question God, and wonder why non-believers or other people’s things are working out for them but yours is not. This what you need to understand.

  • God wants you to know that regardless of what you do He still loves you ( 1 John 4:8)
  • You need to spend time with God every day to understand him ( psalms 119: 34, prov. 2:6)
  • He is the only one who can give you eternal life ( 1 John 2:25, Titus 1:2)

I have questioned God countless times, why? because He did not do as I asked. Did I blame myself then? NO I blamed God! because I asked him for help and He did not do as I said. As humans we always point fingers. because it is so easy! – It is her fault, He started first etc. But did you look at the cause of it? Did you even do it from your heart? Was it meant for you? I strongly believe that there is always a ‘Judas’ amongst people. He sat with Jesus and yet betrayed Him! he ate with him, walked with him, talked with him so why can’t the same be with you! That is why you have to always have God on your side. Jesus knew Judas, he just didn’t no himself! If you understand God speaking, you will also know the Judas from afar! and you will be able to solve your issues before it arises. You do not want to be caught in a difficult situation first before you call upon The Father! NO! you want to have him as your best friend, on speed dial at all times. Able to call upon him, like we check our phones regularly. How we are up to date with the latest fashion, or the news. If we considered speaking to God more, we would understand his words! and we would be able to identify any Judas in our lives.

Judas comes as a disciple of Jesus in the bible. The Strange woman comes as a prostitute in the bible. The Devil was once a gorgeous Angel and comes in different shapes and forms. so why surprised when your troubles look like, finances, a friend, a family member, your manager, food poison, an animal or even a church member?  Understand when God speaks and you will identify them from afar! Do not wait till it goes all wrong first. God loves you, so you can make your own choices. Do not choose the wrong one.

Understand his words, start today, and you will never be the same. When He starts to bless you, STILL keep his words. when it rains, STILL keep his words. for the bible says that “no weapon formed against you shall prosper”, therefore be ready to fight the weapons, but KNOW that NONE will prosper! so there will be a fight, but you will win. ONLY with Gods understanding. because when you have two people who speak different languages, the communication is poor. but when you get to understand each other, by getting to know each other and spending time together. you will understand each others words.

God bless you this afternoon/ We are ready for work (L).