It’S a Boy !

Hey my lovely readers!

Good afternoon, welcome in Month number 10 out of 12. Time is literally flying by like ….. Anyway the title says it all.. It’s a BOY! yes, yes yes, I had my first ever baby shower! and I want to tell you all about it. I might leave some details out which I generally forget as I am so forgetful nowadays!

So I had been planning the day for like 6-7 weeks I must say. And its so funny because when I started I literally told my husband and he thought I was in a rush. And I know people around me thought the same. I had friends who told me to wait and also suggested that it should be a surprise but I warned everyone around me in advance that I did NOT want any surprise shower, WEIRD?! well I had my reasons.

first of all it was my first time, so I had a specific imagine of how I wanted it to be in my mind. And as far as I was concerned no one could do that for me LOL! secondly, I had the feeling that if I left it and it would of turned into a surprise, I would not have all the people I wanted around me, which means I would be disappointed. TRUST ME stuff like that GETS TO ME! and thirdly, I just did not believe anyone could do it like I did it ! HAHAHAHA!

and I think I was slightly right, because of the compliments I got on the day and after, well I pulled it off nicely. Okay, so what I did was I started buying little things from like August (yes I did), and like I said before I had a vision of how I wanted it, but the funny thing was I was not sure if I could actually do it. because I wanted to do it by myself. so anytime a friend as for help, I would say sure.. but what I got to realise is that no one really helped me. I really did not mind cause I wanted it my way. the good thing was I did have like 2 people who did bother helping by suggesting things which was of good help. I for instance bought the goodie bag based on my cousin who saw it and I fell in love. and little things such as colours, was hard to choose but I got there at the end. But then the hardest part for me was getting the cake and the goodie bags.

So finally I saw the cake I wanted, I stole someone’s idea I wont lie about that one! I fell I love the moment I saw that cake! so that was out of the way, then my main issue was, how many people would I invite, and what would be in my goodie bags. so that is when me and my partner had to sit down and discuss. Can I be honest and say, we LITERALLY wrote down names and we started crossing off, and stuff. because as far as he was concerned it was my big day and I had to be happy with the people who came. So we did it together but with me in charge as he wanted me to enjoy the day. So we started and still it was very difficult as I had more then I expected. My plan was to keep it small and have just a certain amount of people around. Finally when I had that, I was still not sure about the goodie bag, although I was always online buying stuff. so finally I decided on it and weekly I bought a few things which I could put in. I already knew I did not want everyone to have the exact same thing.

so the day before, my mum came and did the decorations and Jessica helped with the food cleaning and also with the décor. (what would I have done without them??) And finally On that same day I realized that what I imagined was successful and even better! Thanks to our massive table.

I looked at the décor and at the goodie bag as well and I was sure I was ready for the next day. So on the day itself, my make up was done by Mrs Josephine. and Peter surprised me by taking pictures. whiles everyone was coming in. and I was all dressed up I was very happy. Lori Kelly was my host and she did a great job. My partner on the other hand was busy in the kitchen. He ended up being in the kitchen the WHOLE DAY! he was so supportive and of such great help, he made me so happy although I wanted him away from the kitchen he just could not leave that place! He made sure everyone was fed and drinks were more than enough. My cousin Joycelyn was of such great help to earlier as she cleaned up and helped me set up everything.

I must say each person that came made me happy and I could not have asked for any other people to be around me. The guys who came showed so much love and support and I loved how everyone took part in all the games we played. there were prices to be won and all sorts. At the end I opened up my gifts and I was totally amazed about all the gifts my Babyboy received! its funny because I needed at least 90% of the things my self hahah, as I did not buy many things myself knowing of the baby shower. and a special shout out to my baby girl and her husband who send us clothes from New Jersey. my baby will be rocking American clothing  love you Mr and Mrs Acquah-Afriyie

But I can say God bless everyone! who came, the ones who messaged me, and the ladies who helped me throughout! OH and last but not least my big cousin Sandeep Specials (  who was in charge of the cake!) the cake was perfect and it tasted perfect! so if you are in Holland! and you want some cakeeee… runnnn to her! I will provide a link to her Facebook site! and if you need any decorations I can easily ask my mother! or I can be of help myself, I am not afraid to tell you where I purchased my things ! and NO I am not someone who can decorate but I can always be of help, or help planning a shower for a small amount of people only!!! I am no professional so I am letting you know in advance.

but that was it, pictures soon to come, but you can take a look at my Instagram account where I posted a 9 sec video of the table. IG: Yaabablack

Sandee’s specials –

Love, peace and HUGS” !

ps: I found some names in the name suggestion jar, 3 of them were already on my list! but I would not reveal which ones they were. All of you have to wait and see if we will choose that name or if we got one our self.. x