I appreciate you.

As human beings, we sometimes struggle to let people know how much we appreciate them in our lives. I am guilty of this. I forget to tell people or even show how much I appreciate them. But in my heart I can say how much I appreciate a person. Or when I pray I do pray for those I appreciate. But for someone who does not see it, it comes across as ungrateful. Which I understand.
So I want to dedicate this blog to my loved ones, known and unknown.

First and foremost, I want to thank the big Man above for my life. I can’t express and tell how much I appreciate God in my life. I commit sins and I disobey him a lot of times, but when I get on my knees and pray or speak to Him he understands me.  we tend to only know God when we need him the most. When things are not going our way. We then ask God for help, if He does not do what we asked for right away we blame him. But always appreciate the man above because you are here TODAY.

My dear Husband,
Appreciation is an understatement. The things he has done for me and how he has changed me is not for the whole world to know. But some things are meant to be said. You have accepted me as I am, regardless of my past or my present. You are always looking towards our future. You are the most selfless person in the world. You are the only one I can actually call at anytime or disturb and still hug afterwards. You know how to get on my nerves and when to make me laugh. Our marriage has shocked people but we are still going strong. Yes we have arguments, yes we have our highs and lows but who doesn’t? We are different from others because we have told our self so. We do what married couples do and we stand out. We believe in each other and motivate each other. We advice each other and stand up for each other. I appreciate you a lot especially after the past weeks. (Like I said not everything is said) you showed me how much you love me and how much we needed each other. Now we have entered a new chapter in life where we have a new family member. Our baby boy Phareés. I thank God and you for his life 💙

Dear friends, – who I speak to regularly
I love you dearly, I don’t have to tell you this everyday but you should know I care. For those who message me, or talk to on a regular basis you know the feeling already. The things you guys have done for me, words cannot describe. From helping me when I was in need, to feeding me, to just being a shoulder to cry on. And the list goes on. There are people who are good in being there for those who are in need and this is for you. You are appreciated. And I pray that you continue to be in our lives, not only mine.

Dear Friends, – Who I hardly speak to
I care about you, and you are in my heart. Us not speaking can mean a lot of things. Unspoken words. Which can damage the heart and the brains. Not speaking can drive us apart which can go both ways. Sometimes it is a good thing, because not everyone is meant to stay in your life at a certain period/ season of your life. I have learned from my good friends mother that, some friends are seasonal. It does not mean that you and the person are arguing. But God places them for a season which can be months, a year or even a period of 10 years. When you are being divided it can be in different ways. It does not mean that you do not think about them casually but you simply do not associate with them as before. God makes space for someone new to come and replace them or to even do something better in your life.

You can stop talking to someone and in that period you will get the job you always wanted, why? Because it was time for changes. You can become friends with a certain somebody and then you meet your husband/wife, why? Because it was time for changes. So adding someone onto your life is not a harm, and removing someone is also not a harm either. Always listen to your God. And do appreciate those who were there for you. If we are all to become negative about our old associates then we will be bitter forever. Those people have benefitted our lives before. They have done something for us we will never

Forget. Therefore we think about them and we appreciate them not everyday but once in a while. We still think about them or pray for them. You also are appreciated from a distance.

Dear Parents,
Where do I start with you two. My mum and my dad. I could write a book about those two people cause they are so different and I have learned to deal with both characters. Growing up with parents who are divorced it is not easy. Always being on one side and as an African parent you should know how it goes. But now being a mother myself and also once being a single mother before I met the love of my life, I knew exactly how my mum felt. But I chose to do it a bit differently. It is true when they say that the person you associate yourself with you will become like them. Reason being that I have picked up my mothers character so much! I am happy with the woman I have become right now. I would not change for anyone.
My dad is also a guy I would not change as he has a different character then my mother. He is the calm and gentle one and only speaks when he feels he has too. You will now think, well that is an easy guy to live with? No it is not. Cause I wanted that man in my life. But then again I would not change myself for anyone.

My parents are the best, they only show it differently. My mum is not the type to show you her love or to even say the words, I love you. (SO ME) she rather play the tough woman and does her thing. She is much appreciated for everything she has done, yes including our arguments and the fights HaHaHa!😂 I know how to clean, cook, be a mother and when not to shut up cause of her. She has been the greatest grandmother to my kids and shows her love through them. She knows how to care for us all and shows it by cooking, cleaning, taking care of them and just by starting unnecessary arguments with me. I’m used to you MaMa!!*

My daddy, shows love by calling on  a daily basis (literally!) And he tells me. He shows it in his face. He cares by asking how we are doing, he cares by having conversations, he is trying to fix what he left broken and I have opened up, welcomed him. He is human!  We don’t argue anymore, we talk like grown ups, he has grown to become my friend as well. I can ask him anything and he will answer, or find a solution and get back at me.

MaMa and PaPa you are much appreciated ❤🌍 you have thought me so much about life. And now I am a mother and a wife. My journey just started and I will continue to make you proud. You stood by me when I was down, when I misbehaved, when I need you. Even when it was going well you still stood by me. Every decision I made although you will try and come up with another solution, you will still support me at the end.
I love you.

Last but not least,
Dear The unknown, – those I used to dislike or felt some type of way about.
Well, if I start saying I love you I would be lying to myself, but I care. You are the one who I looked at years ago and said EW, her/him. Or you are the one I heard about and thought s/he gets on my nerves. Today, I can say feelings like that are gone. Yes, I see you and I do not greet you.. maybe I should? Yes, we do not talk and I don’t associate with you, because we both have unspoken words. Should we meet up and talk? Not always. Some people you have never spoken to so what are you going to discuss? Start of by smiling or greeting when you pass by.
Some you used to talk to and now it has not come to the “seasonal friends but your now in the Unknown part”, a little hello will do. Even if you do not greet, what about showing appreciation?

Social media is now one of the ways to show appreciation, support each others businesses, comment or like something you know you would like but just because it is him/her you decided NOT to like it *GUILTY!* pray for them, they also have issues. Do not watch their downfall, or wish for it, rather encourage them *from a distance* if you can via friends! Everything is possible, you can even learn from the Unknown *GUILTY* appreciate them! Cause I am starting to!

Ok, have to stop now, appreciation is

Done from within. You have to do it from the heart. As soon as it leaves the heart you choose how you pass it on to the person.

Do you tell them face to face?
Through the phone?
A letter?
Through a friend?
By buying them a present?
By treating them?
Through Social media?
Or you do it through prayers?

You can come up with many ways of showing appreciation. The important thing is that you do it for yourself and from the heart! You do not have to do it in front of people or let the world know, but the little you do for that person is what counts.

Show your appreciation today.. tomorrow is NOT promised.
Love your neighbour as yourself. And you shall be blessed today. Maybe God wants you to do this so a door will be opened for you today! TRY IT! and you will be surprised. Maybe there is something which has been left unsaid.. Open up first.

God bless you for reading this… 💓
Take care and stay Blessed.. inspired by Hubby❤ and my children Mercedes💛 and Pharees💙