What type?

What type of woman are you?

I bet you have asked yourself this question before, if you have not then there is something wrong with you to be honest. As we grow, from baby, toddler, teen, to our early 20, and setting towards WOMEN and one day BUSINESS WOMEN we go through so much in life. Our lives is set into stages. Every female goes through her own stage. You can not predict the future nor expect everything to go the way you want it to go. But you can find out what your position is as a woman.

I am going to make my own list of the types of positions or types of woman there are and it is for you to find out what type you are, and what you are aiming to be.

  1. the single lady

yes, single not ready to mingle? ok, lies she is ready to mingle maybe. But is not sure about her type of guy. She is open to date at all times, but remains single after every single date.

Advantage: She knows what she wants, and is open to any guy.

Disadvantage: She feels lonely at times.

2. The Independent lady- Married to my job

Independent lady she is either single (mostly), or has a partner but puts her career first. The independent woman who is single finds it difficult to find a partner because she is looking for a guy who is not weak and does not get in her way when it comes to her career. The independent woman with a partner is likely to have a partner whom is the sit at home guy or the total opposite. She always reminds him that she can hold her own.

Advantage: She holds her own, and is strong minded. She does NOT let anyone bring her down and makes it known to others.

Disadvantage: Is likely to look down onto partner, because she believes that her job is the most important thing and if he has no career she is more likely to let him know as well. Also she hardly has time to date if she is single.

3. The side chick – He has a girlfriend

The word side chick, is not really a nice word to use, but then again there are a lot of women who play this role. In my own words, I believe that she has chosen to be involved with someone who already has a partner. so like a second hand, or a second girl? This position surely brings problems. The side chick, plays a dangerous role and usually tries ends up unhappy when she realizes that she remains a side chick after a while and tries to change that position into a girlfriend or wife position. Which can be difficult but hey, there is no harm in trying!

Advantage: She is proud of her position and usually the one to make the guy happy

Disadvantage: No respect in other peoples eyes, and the likelihood of being dumped is high.

4. babymomma

Not everyone likes the word Babymama, Babymomma, Babymother etc. But hey, how would you describe it? A woman who has a child with a guy and they are not married? A woman who has a child with a guy and they have no relationship? A woman who has a child with a guy and he has other children? I have no idea but I once called myself a Babymother. or am I still one? Well I would classify it as having a child with a guy who will become your past.

Advantage: A beautiful BABY!!

disadvantage: You don’t really know your role?

5. Wife- I do

the role of a wife, a woman whom is married. she has become one with her partner. She has been chosen by a man to be joined as one. And are basically married till death do them part.

Advantage: You find your soulmate, you have someone you love and want to die with

Disadvantage: It is a big step to take!, you can become a widower.

6. Widower

Sad but true, you find the man of your dream but then end up being alone on this earth because something tragic happened. Women choose to stay alone after this, some re-marry! It is all a choice. But a widower is not something you want to become, however when you marry this is a chance

advantage: You cherish your partner and choose to spend the days loving him, but then again is this really an advantage?

Disadvantage: you become lonely at times, you miss your partner and can become unsure if you will find someone like him again.


These are my different types of women, I might have explained it wrongly in your eyes, but this is how I view it. what type are you? and which one do you want to become?

thanks for reading x