A woman’s power

Hey my beautiful readers, I hope you are all blessed.
Already mid June 2017. A year ago I got married to the love of my life, my son is already 7 months ( in a couple of days) and my daughter is doing great in school.

Today I would like to lift up my ladies.
Woman you are POWER.
Let us go back to November 2016.

On the day I gave birth to my handsome baby boy. He was born exactly at 6am, on Friday 18 November 2016. What you feel to realize then is that a few moments ago you were crying out for help, screaming and pushing a child out, just to end up seeing a small human being coming out, crying and next to you, seeing your partner praising God for giving you all the strength to do what you just did.
But what most people, especially men don’t realize is that after all that, there is the recovery. Fair enough not every recovery is the same but some do get complications. Complications after birth is never from God rather the devil not satisfied enough that you even gave birth to a healthy baby boy. There is was smiling all happy, 6-7 hours after giving birth I was allowed to go home. But then it started…

I lost my appetite, walking was a problem, just 48 hours after giving birth my husband called the ambulance from home and before we all knew it I was taken to the hospital. I was so weak, they had to call fire service and lift me through our window just to get me downstairs.

Getting to the hospital, I was in such pain but I was already giving strong painkillers at home (Morphine) and soon I got tested. Just to find out that my blood was infected. Only thing was with what? Temperature was between 39-41 yes I know it was bad, then I had gold shivers, I would shake and the whole bed would shake too. Hours later I was taken to the theater after they had done ultrasounds and to come out and find out there was a piece of the placenta left in my womb. WOW!

At that moment u don’t know what to think, but when the doctor tells your husband and your father that it was almost rotten, and that your wife was literally close to death, you realize how short life is. You see, the piece they found was so tiny, that with the ultrasound it was not possible to see it. They had to clean the whole of my inside to actually find out.

The next question would now be, BUT did they not check it when the baby came out. Well they did, in front of us, they examined it everything! Not one midwife but two. So imagine. When the devil is set to do something he will try his hardest to pass. But little did he know that MY GOD is bigger then him.

The recovery was much more painful, laying in the hospital bed for 4 nights, not being able to walk, turn, eating was an issue, machines all around me, I was literally laying in bed. Then getting someone to actually teach you to walk with crouches and doctors telling you that it will take minimum 3months before I could make small movements and even longer to actually walk again by myself. I used to cry every single night. Not only because I was in pain,but to actually think, I was close to death, I had a son who isn’t even a week old, and I could not even hold him to feed him. My mum would come to the hospital with the kids and my daughter would just have tears. She would go home and cry herself to sleep. My son is too young to understand. My daddy had tears, my cousins would try and smile, my friend would come and sit by me help me get to the bathroom yet I could see the sadness in her eyes.
My husband would lay next to me and he slept with me at the hospital every night. Everyday tests running, everyday blood pressure, every day 3 different medications everyday nasty food, every day soup from mummy but no one could understand the pain I was in.

I would literally cry every night and my husband would comfort me, he would reassure me that I would walk again, he would reassure me that the pains will stop before the time they had given me. Finally I was allowed to go home. The walking crutch was at home, the toilet pot for the room was at home, the bathing chair was at home. Yet I still cried. My sleep was limited to 2 hours, just because I was in pain. My son looked older after a week, I felt even more weak.

I would practice how to move my legs without support and it hurt. I was stuck downstairs. The doctors told me to move as much as I could but I tried it hurt.

After 2weeks here I was making small movements, week 3 I went to the salon, my leg hurt a lot but I did not show it, week four church members came to visit us. I looked like I had no complications. Week 6 I went to my friends sons, naming ceremony and I could actually dance and praise God. Week 7 I attended church which was on New Year’s Day since then I knew 2017 was my year and that what the doctors said was not my destiny! God had other plans. God knew I would be able to go up and down within the time given to me. God knew me better then anyone else did.

I am grateful, because women don’t know their power.
God has given us so much power, we go through labor which is one of the most difficult things ever, it is not easy! You carry a whole human being for good nine months, just to push the baby out and not only is that painful, you also have to take care of the baby, regardless how tired you are. People fail to understand that WOMEN are POWERFUL. We were born with POWER, from young you want to help, from young you want to explore, from young you want to understand things. I mean it is the most beautiful thing to give BIRTH. While your partner is encouraging you, you get some strength from somewhere to do all the pushing. It is not easy to be a woman but it is a blessing. Every single person you see on the street, or have met was pushed by a woman. Everyone who reads this, respect that you came from a woman. Regardless if she has taken care of you or not, just the STRENGTH of letting you out is not easy.

I have two kids and both born naturally, you may ask me after your last experience would you do it again, trust me I doubted it, but I will do it again with pleasure. Why?? Because children are beautiful and I know every child I will get will also become a blessing unto someone in the future, my daughter will also push one day and I will be waiting outside of the delivery room to catch my grand baby, my son will find a wife who will also do the same, and I will also be outside of the delivery room to catch my grand baby. So if you are a woman and you are reading this regardless if you are a mom or not.



Ps; since I had my son, I have only been more grateful to the Most High. And I am praying for every single woman around the world. Have a safe delivery and for the men, be there for the woman, if she just had a baby help out, if she tells you she feels some type of way press the bell, she might have some complications be alert and listen to the woman.
My prayers to every pregnant lady this 2017″ your DELIVERY SHALL BE SAFE AND SOUND. YOU WILL GIVE BIRTH AND WILL BE REJOICING ! God bless each one of you.


Next blog will be about ; my feelings after birth ; was I almost depressed?