Bullying is NOT COOL!

hey my beautiful readers,
Today I would like to talk about a sensitive subject. I hope after reading this if you are a BULLY you will change your ways, and if you are being BULLIED you will know that you are stronger then you think you are.

First of all, I want to apologize in advance if I use any bad words or say something to cause harm. It is not my intention I just want to make something clear.

There are all types of bullying. But I will touch upon cyber-internet/bullying. Reason why I choose that type is because in this generation we live in, this is probably (might be wrong) the most common way to bully someone.

The internet, phones, Media has so much impact on the kids now. It is unbelievable! Sometimes I will read stories about bullies and wonder why someone would actually go behind their laptops,phones, tablets etc to just start bullying someone and think it is absolutely okay. Well it is not.

firstly.. the moment you think of actually going behind your screens and type something horrible whether it is anonymous or not.. you should know that YOU are the person with problems and a low self-esteem! Why?? Cause you feel like you have to be nasty Towards someone to make yourself feel better. Did you know that, that is a form of jealousy?? Now as a bully you are probably thinking.. I am not jealous of him/her. Well you ARE. If you have to be nasty to someone, behind your laptop or phone. It also shows you have none to little self esteem. It does NOT mean that you should now go and face the person. It means that you can’t help but to hurt others because YOU are hurt yourself.

Why would you hurt someone else because of how you feel! S/he did not bring you to that position! Bullies often look for a victim which in THEIR eyes are weak. Sometimes, they go for the ones who they can’t face so they rather do it anonymously. Either way it is NOT COOL. When you are saying horrible things to someone online. Do you realize what you are doing to the persons spirit? They may not show it and front. But do you know if they cry themselves to sleep, hurt themseleves, become distant from family and friends and some even end up ending their lives. Think about it. Do you want Blood on your hands??? How does it make you feel when you do so? Good?? Well it shouldn’t cause the devil is busy working on you. Rather to release your stress and anger on someone online, why not talk about it to someone around you. Or find a phone to call every country has a team who helps. Ask someone at your school or university, at work. Or talk to your partner. If you don’t want to, why not ask someone online to help. Message someone who writes about these things. Read a book, find a hobby regardless TALK ABOUT IT. It will take so much weight of your shoulders.

I am not perfect but I would hate that someone is bullying my kids or they are bullies ! I will be very disappointed and also be the FIRST person to point it out and make sure it stops.
If you read this and you think you are at a low place u are free to message me. I don’t judge AT ALL ! We all make mistakes. Let us work together. I am not the greatest but maybe a word of advice can help you. This is for the bullies and for those who are getting bullied..


Talk to your parents talk to someone. Internet bullying is very powerful! And can harm in many ways. Do not let anyone online make you feel less worthy cause you are NOT! internet is there for show. So don’t let anything fool you. Do not harm yourself because someone makes you feel like it, they feel like shit so that’s why they want you to feel like that too. Remember the BULLY is actually the one with the problem not you!

Please do talk about it with someone, even if it is another form of bullying. They all count! Let the number of victims decrease cause it hurts me to find out another person decided to end it because s/he got bullied.

XO 😘 stay blessed