Waiting for your time to shine

Good day my beautiful readers. I hope all is well with you all. It has been a while and I was meant to write a post already but anytime I started, I felt like the message was not good enough.
So now I am, just a day or two before the new year. Some people have made a whole list of things what they are going to change or do for 2018, some are just waiting for the clock to hit midnight and drink and others, are probably jus going to sleep or will be at churches, mosques or family.

Whatever you choose to do, and however you choose to celebrate 2018, do it with love. Unfortunately some may be mourning over a death, or even someone close to you is sick. You are also in my prayers and I wish you the best and hope you stay strong.

The title for today is “waiting for your time to shine”. It was quite difficult for me to get a good topic for this post as I will point out a few things. As you may already know (if you have read my previous posts) I always talk from my own personal experiences and of people I know of. What I don’t know for sure I rather not talk about. Reasons because I do have people genuinely messaging me asking advice or encouraging me, and I appreciate it and feel it, simply because I have experienced it or I know someone who has so it always feels real to me.

Waiting for your time to shine, when you read this sentence you probably think.. waiting for the day that YOU MAKE IT. Well yes and no.
Yes because we have All gone through a tough time in our lives. Someone reading this may even go through it now. When I say tough I mean difficulty! This is all different to one another.
My difficulty can be financially not being able to provide for my family, whereas someone else’s difficulty is finding love. Someone can go through a death of a family member or friend, when someone else is finding it difficult to be a good yoke has their struggle and I am here to let you know that IT IS OKAY!

You see what I have learned is, whenever you go through a difficult time, and you pounder on it, the only thing that is happening is that it becomes worse. Why? Because you are just stressing about it without taking action. Some decide to now go and discuss it with everyone around them. Which can help but it is not everyone who needs to know about your difficulty or struggle. You see the tongue is powerful, and like I just said, everyone’s difficulty is different. So to you it may be a major thing but to your friend or sister it is nothing. And some don’t even understand why you find it difficult. Which is why I STRONGLY believe in there is a time to SHINE.

A few things what us young people do nowadays just not to let the world see that we are struggling and not even helping ourselves from our difficulties..

Social media, we tend to show of a lot! We will post the nicest pictures, at the nicest destinations, with our extraordinary outfits and caption things like.. God is good, and Living my best or any long post which makes it seem like we are doing fabulous. Great stuff, not a problem.. but do you know what you are doing..? You are just like the celebrities on TV who are always smiling yet, we All read and hear what happens the day after. Don’t fool yourself my brothers and sisters. Do not fool us on social media and after the post now think of how to pay your bills or ask God why no man wants you, or why no woman wants you.
Rather, post a picture yes, but don’t go on and captioning things which is far from the truth. And don’t deceive yourself with your own picture. If you are not the person in the picture why should you post it on your social media and fool us that it is you. Do not catfish yourself. Be true to yourself because you are not hurting us, but only yourself. Just for a few comments and likes which mean NOTHING. The comments are not true because we react based on what you tell us. A sister or a brother can not help you when you are posting pictures of you living life, but yet you need bread to eat. How can I know my brother or sister is starving? And you are shocked when a friend asks you for help, you cannot even help yourself. So be true to yourself.

Lying to our family or friends
I get it, sometimes you don’t want others to know you are going through difficult times, so instead of reaching out, you lie whenever you are asked if you are doing fine. Cool but there are people who actually care about you. Speak to someone about your problem.i did not say speak to PEOPLE. I said someone. There is ALWAYS someone who you can trust. And if you have trust issues, find a community an office, your religion a safe place, anonymous number, speak to someone! Trust me IT HELPS. Why do I say that, because your tongue is powerful letting it all out makes you feel not only better but it can release some stress. It can help you. And funny enough the person who you are speaking to may even find a solution to your problem. Don’t always play superhero and think you can do it by yourself. I used to be that person.

Always thinking I can do it myself and then kept it for myself and always trying to solve my own issues. But it may even be more difficult because you have only one mind. Another persons mind can help you. And yes it did. Do you think I don’t struggle at times, yes I do, and because I have a partner the first person I turn to is my partner. And we solve the issue together. Even as a mother and wife, I cry at times because I think I am having a hard time solving an issue until my partner tells me not to worry and we find a solution together.
Couples cry singles do to. Rich people cry and poor people do to. So never think that your situation is to much or too little to discuss or solve.

Therefore wait till it’s your time to shine. Not literally wait by not doing anything.
Looking for a job.. get up do research search for that job, ask people don’t keep quiet. Yes maybe the first two, three maybe even four applications will be thrown away but YOUR TIME WILL COME.
You can’t find love, we’ll start loving yourself. It’s not everyday falling for any person you see. Change your ways. Change your attitude, your way of thinking, your bad habits. If you are a religious person you pray. The love will come. Double check yourself. Maybe it’s as simple as, being clean, doing your hair, going barbers, brushing your teeth when you get up. Learning to cook, stepping outside your comfort zone. Nothing putting such a high standard because nowadays we look at the person with the most money, who is popping in our area, girlfriend/boyfriend is the person going to love YOU only. Or is the person going to love the money and fame more then you. Don’t settle for less.

Don’t aim for a doctor if you yourself are not willing to help him/her when’s/he is off duty. Don’t aim for a billionaire, if you are not willing to walk next to your partner as one. Don’t aim for a wife if you can’t be her husband. Don’t aim for a husband if you can’t be his husband. Aim high yes, but always work towards the record you are setting. Don’t aim and expect someone who has that standard to do all the work and you now come and enjoy.

Do not let your friends talk fool you!
This happens EVERY SINGLE DAY. When that your friend is BRAGGING about his or her life, being all perfect like EVERY DAY. Let me tell you something IT IS NOT.
The person is a fake. S/he has more issues then you. If you have a friend who never seem to have it bad. They always have it worse then you. Don’t ever let it fool you.. and especially when it really seems like it’s all good because they have kids, married, a job, look well presentable. Baby boy, babygirl. It’s a lie ! They have put on a mask so that you won’t see it. What do you do to someone like that, stay away and don’t tell them YOUR problem because they are only hurting you and making your problem seem way worse then it already is. They won’t help you solve it, they only make you feel more insecure about your own issue.

Be a good listener if you are not, try to always listen when someone speaks. Why? Because even a fool makes sense or says something that sticks in your head. Only take the positive things in mind. Trust me. A stupid person even will say something which s/he is not meant to say, a person who talks to much, well talks way to much. A sensible person will help you by listening. Sometimes we have to be silent and just listen! I talk a lot at times, but I have learned to also listen. I listen to people and pick up what will benefit me. If it doesn’t I will throw it out of my mind. If I am unsure I will ask or research about it. That is what I do now. Everything which comes out of my friends mouth is something I pick up.if it’s not important best believe the next time you ask me I won’t remember, because I have thrown it away.

Wait for your time to shine, how do you do that.
Whatever your problem is, big or small. It is never TOO much you can’t handle. It may seem unbearable but you are dealing with it and will survive. Someone else can not handle it but You can and the day will come that you will laugh about the situation or even yet understand why you went through that situation.
Sometimes things happen to us so that we turn our lives around. Sometimes w have to go through tough times, to get our own attention. You see I will always say that me going to prison was my own fault. I committed the crime, before I used to say the devil this and the devil that. It was on ME. I needed to shift my attention to something and I didn’t I was ignorant and the only way to do that was to go through what I went through. And that is how I gotten to sit down and focus on myself. And if I had not been there, I am pretty sure that I would not have found my husband and have my babies.

So I can honestly say I am grateful for all the difficulties I went through. I have been through more obviously but being put away was probably the biggest thing. Also being a child who’s father was not around much was a difficult situation I had to deal with and still did when I was older. But because of actions I took and he took we are now so close. I have learned to forgive him he has forgiven himself and now me and my father are besties trust me. We call eachother at least 2-3x a week and see eachother often. We have spoken of our issues, and I did that by several letters. I have also shown him how I appreciate him on my big day and had my first dance with my father. Something I was wishing for. Some may dream of other things but I have fulfilled my dreams.

Really I have a husband, kids and my parents that I’ve both told I love. So if waiting for my time to shine was nothing. Then nothing would be worth it.

My sister my brother, whatever you are going through, it is never too much to handle and never too small to discuss. Your time to shine will come. And I hope I have helped someone by this post.


Please feel free to message me or comment under my post. And tell me about your difficulty that you overcame.maybe your difficulty that you went through can help another reader. Let’s help eachother!! You can also message me anonymously maybe I can help by just listening to you or if i can be of help I will try my best. Trust me if I don’t know the answer I will TELL YOU.
Let’s not judge one another and be people of love.

2018, is around the corner and I don’t do new year new goals, I only do new year added to my life, extra goals! I add my goals on my birthday so hopefully my new post will be up around my birthday.

Have a blessed new year in advance❤️. Be careful with fireworks and don’t drink to much beautiful people ❤️