Hey Beautiful Readers,

Your girl is BACKKK! I know this is actually the first post of 2018, and 2018 has actually come to an end😅.

Do forgive me, as ALOT has happend and I got too much to tell you! But this post will not be about my life. It is about a product I purchases recently from

MSHAIR.UK, and I want to do a review about their product! I know I know, Youtube would’ve been great, but since I am not on youtube y’a should just read this and understand me 🤣.

Basically, i got tagged in this and i did not even hesitate to get it. Well, MsHair UK basically made my dream come through. I don’t have edges to save my life! So this company sells this product which makes you have edges for the Gawds, within SECONDS!

yes, Seconds!? I will put up some pictures so you can see my before and after. And I will tell you what I think of the product.

The company specializes in a foundation fibre that gives you edges or covers grey hair.

I purchased the hair foundation fibres with the edge perfector. It was easy to purchase, and like the website stated it will be dispatched 12-36hours and they did. I got my delivery on time and i liked the packaging.

I got so excited as well and could not wait to use it. Honestly I was happy!

As a natural lady, i had my hair washed 2 days before, put some eco styling gel nd a bit of Wax for my “edges” so after styling my hair nd putting it in a puffy bun, i then applied the fibre from MsHairUK. Within a minute or two i was done and satisfied!

My edges were fleeked for the day, and imagine it was also on my friends babyshower which i co-organised and hosted. And it was fleeking all day.

Me being me, i did not use a scarf to sleep (I honestly don’t like that), woke up nd gone😂 i did not expect it to stay but at least hang in there small 🙄😂😂.

Anyway, rating it 0-10, I give it a 8. Why not a 10? Because I did not purchase the whole kit. So i believe with the whole kit, it can get a 10. Also, what i noticed is while applying, i thought I would have the fibres on my clothes.. but NO! Proper CLEAN! And you don’t have to worry that you will sweat it off. So would I reccommend it to my sisters ? YAAAAAAS!

It is worth any penny. And believe me I don’t use it on a daily basis but you will know when I have it, cause I will be doing the most🤣.

To purchase the foundation fibre kit



And if you have questions you can ask them on their website as well.

My Befores…

And After the Use of the product🤗

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Feel free to leave a message or comment behind. This post was my review and based on my experience.

If you want to see how I use it and create a nice simple Look, i will post a video On SnapChat this coming saturday (27Oct) so follow me

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