Letter to my first…


On a saturday afternoon. I remember it like it was yesterday. The sun decided to show her (yes,is a female) face.

Little did I know how life would turn out to be, all I cared about was the tiny feet which I was admiring after coming back from the surgery room.

Weighing about 3380kg (7 1/2 pounds) my mum and I welcomed Mercedes 🧡

Now exactly 10 years after, I am grateful for keeping you. I wanted to abort you, because I was scared, ashamed, embarrassed, confused, in pain but here we are today. If I told the world what you have done, no one would believe me. But I will share this, you saved my life a dozen times without knowing.

You are an angel, you have supernatural powers, you changed me, even if I did not want to. You forced me to make certain decisions even if it hurt me. But never have I ever doubted the love I have for you.

When I was inside i remember when youwould come to visit, and had to leave you would force me to get up and come with you..

When you first started school in the Netherlands, you did not like it because you could not understand them

When we had nothing to eat, you looked at me,hugged me and said.. Mama, alles komt goed (Mum, everything will be alright)

When you saw me struggle to get food on the table, you would still try and give me your last bit of food.

When you get money you would rather give it to me then use it yourself

When I asked you what you wanted, you said for mummy to have a lot of kids.

I can go on with a list of things…

But now 10 years on, I look back and think, after all the backlash, the ones who turned us down, who had negative comments to say about us, and who did not wish you well. Today they see YOU and they smile. They see YOU and they are shocked. Because honestly, you are a beautiful “lightskinned” princess!!

Not because your my girl, but you really have a heart of GOLD.

10 years of struggle, love, hope, pain, sorrow, good health, joy, friendship.

May God continue to guide you ❤ my baby Mummy Loves you.

And you know you have to read this right😂.

May the double figure bring u success, love and positivity only.

2019, started great! May your 10th birthday be greater!


One thought on “Letter to my first…

  1. 😭😭❤️❤️❤️
    Mercedes you know you are a blessing to your mum and all of us.. we love you so much God bless you princess.. Hppy birthday love 😍❣️🥰

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