Jealous of who?

jealous resentment against a rival, a person enjoying success or advantage, or against another’s success or advantage itself.

Recently I was having a conversation with my other half about general things in life, and we got to talking about women and male and how much jealousy there is amongst women.

mental uneasiness from suspicion or fear of rivalry, unfaithfulness, etc., as in love or aims.

I quickly said it is true but then added to it that I personally believe everyone has a jealous something in them.

vigilance in maintaining or guarding something.

The reason why I said that and I hope you would agree to is, we are human beings and i believe we all have faults. Someone may have more than the other but regardless we all have faults. This is all natural so you should never think you are the only one who has faults or issues. Everyone does but every person is made differently hence why someone can hide their faults and make it look like they don’t have any.

a jealous feeling, disposition, state, or mood.

If you read the definitions i wrote on above (thanks to google) I decided not to put one definition but 4. Because point 1 may not apply to you but maybe another definition would. The reason why I believe everyone has a bit of jealousy in them is, because we are imperfect and are striving to become perfect or at least better in what we do. So as humans it is only natural to want something someone else already has, or have been working on to get but can’t seem to get it. Jealousy is a sort of fear which everyone has. We all fear something or someone. Don’t doubt that. Whether it is an animal, an object, God,life death or an illness. We all fear something. And right besides fear is jealousy.


You see you may hear great news from a friend or relative and be happy, but we mostly end up with words back in our head saying why not me? Or why her or him.This is a sign of jealousy, you may smile it of but your emotions are running to the other direction. There is nothing wrong with that, but it does become a problem when you let jealousy take over. Then you just become bitter and unfaithful towards the person, or thing.

When jealousy grows, it becomes hate, negative energy and one thing you will realize is that it sucks up so much energy, time and mental problems it is not well. People do suffer from it but can’t give themself a new for it. Some turn it into depression or any other form of it. I am NOT saying all depressions are jealousy, but most of them are. It starts from there. Your fear of not getting something done or how you want or expected it to be turns into resentment.


Both men and women suffer from it, just that women let it become so much more part of them. Women tend to be more jealous of things and others because society made us. We are asked to be good in school, dress well, respect others and ourselves. Marry before kids have kids basically THE DAY AFTER MARRIAGE (trust our Africans to ask you the day after, when is the baby due), be a wife material, if your from a religious family (Christianity, Muslim) then there is even more pressure applied. And be great at all times. Today’s society is applying more pressure, BOBs, social media, body being snatched, holiday goers, the list goes on and if you are not one of the mentioned or don’t participate in one of the activities you will tend to ask yourself what is wrong with me” Why him, or her. Why this and that. But i want to let you know that society does not have to define you. You have to be YOU. And if things are not going according to plan. Do NOT give up. Giving up should NOT be an option.

I will always use myself as an example. Someone wants what I have and probably don’t appreciate. And someone else does not want any of it but I do want it.

YOUR LIFE IS YOURS ONLY. What you have now is YOURS, what is coming will COME! Appreciate things in life now. Tomorrow is not promised. So let the bitterness, anger, fear, jealousy be far away. It really drains a person out.

Pay your bills and what you have left enjoy it. Call your friend and go for brunch, book that holiday even if it is alone. Sort out your relationship others are trying to destroy. Give love a chance. Great people when you are walking by them. Smile to others when you can. Ask your children how their day is going. Buy ice cream and eat it whiles standing in the sun and relax your shoulder. Netflix and have popcorn on the side.and stay away from negativity. The next person bringing that energy tell them to keep it away cause you are renewing your mind.

You will feel much lighter and see changes in yourself and others around you. Jealousy is a disease which only YOU can cure if you give yourself the chance to. That picture with 10.000likes also got issues, the girl next door also got issues. The men at the gym also got issues. So don’t think you are alone just don’t let jealousy take over!


Ps dear Jealousy, I know you are there, and you will always be there, but you see you will never take over my happiness and love. Stay tiny🤗