God when will I marry?

Hey beautiful readers,


This is a question a lot of women especially ask themselves and

ask God. But is it the right one?

Even if a woman has not said it out loud in this day and age

most of the unmarried women have

asked themselves or God this question and probably even

asked God so many times, you think he put you on standby.

But is it the right question to ask?

I will be answering this based on experiences I have had with

others and on what I see.

This does NOT mean that it will also apply to you.

We as women tend to feel that we are getting older and

want to make sure we marry and have kids.

I get that. as we have some sort of “deadline” to conceive

a child. Or we often get pressured by family members.

This last one is very common in African households.

We are often told to marry and the next day the families

are already asking when the child is due.

Now a days when you hit the ages 23+ a woman is

more likely to change her

prayers to God when will I marry. Instead of thinking

about other factors in life. Like I said not everyone

does this. But when you turn your prayers into

“God when will I marry”, you know God can answer

that prayer easily!

But will you be happy with the marriage? We tend

to ask for things without knowing what we are really

asking for, so when we do get it we are not sure

how to handle the situation.

I will give you an example.

Asking to marry. You can and God will help you marry.

But what you did not

ask for is how to be a wife and find the man

who would love you how he should. We end up

settling with the man and not getting the marriage

we wished for. All you get is the wedding and the

status of a wife but are you living up to the status

and is your other half? Did you pray for that too?

when we then get put in that

situation a woman tends to now cry out and ask

God why she is in that situation at that moment

she finds it hard to deal with it and faces

so many obstacles.

Woman do not pray for God to let u marry. And do

not feel old for your age. I strongly believe the right

man will come and you will know! Sometimes he is

already there but the timing is off. Yes there are

some people who have kids before

marriage I am a example of one. But that does

not stop you from getting to know the one.

Being 30 and being successful and not married yet

is not a crime neither is being 22 and

being married. But I would rather be in my 30s and

have a great marriage than in my 20s

to have a failed one. And one thing you should also

know is it is better to get out of a toxic marriage

than to stay in it for other people’s sake. No one

knows what you go through or see.

Do not put yourself in a situation which will follow

you your whole life and make you miserable

just because you want to please others.

Or because you are ashamed of reactions.

If we talk about ashamed I am also an

example of that but this

should not stop you from doing what

is right for you.

Learn to be happy for yourself and not others.

Learn to make decisions and not ask

others to do or decide for you. At the end of the

day when you ask God to bring you a husband

he will, but you will be the one to deal with

him as a good or bad husband! Do not ask for

things your not ready for. And specially Africans

and Christians stop deciding what is best for

your children because most decisions you

made were of and not because your one

turned out bad does it mean theirs would as

well. Leave your children to make decisions

themselves and support your child regardless

if you don’t always agree.

Turn your “God when will I marry” to

God prepare me for my other half” ,

cause trust me when you ask Him to prepare

you and you are NOT ready he will

make you ready before you make the step!

And when the time comes you will know

what to do because you were prepared for it!

Wishing you a beautiful final weeks of 2019.